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Grooming Info

Fursique offers full grooming as well as spa treatments, express services, and special packages. We groom cats and dogs of all breeds and ages. Using quality products ensures a clean, happy, healthy pet, with a great style.

A full grooming service is a special package that includes many of our individual services. The full list of services can be found on our Special Packages page.

We are happy to individually tailor clips to show off your pet's unique personality, as well as, clip them to breed standard for a more classic approach. No matter what your (or their) style may be, we want to help them wear it proudly.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give exact quotes on the phone or over the web. This is because no two dogs are exactly the same even if they are the same breed. It is important to understand that factors such as skin or coat condition, type of coat, age, mobility, behavior and style all affect the amount of time it takes to finish your pet.

Ask for these discounts!
  • Newly-Rescued Dog's First Grooming
  • Service Dogs
  • Senior Citizen Discount
  • Working Police Dogs
  • Multiple pet discount
  • Monthly discount
Discounts cannot be combined.